I've been engaged for over 4 months now, and I STILL don't understand many things about weddings. I've never been in a wedding, planned a wedding, or much less been a BRIDE before. (It already feels like I'm married, so at least I have that part down) So all these traditional 'things' you are supposed to do, I generally do not understand them. Needless to say, I have been doing EVERYTHING out of order. What some would call jumping the gun, I call "doing all the fun stuff first." Got my dress (on the first try!) and venue, but I haven't even asked all of my attendants to their specific jobs yet! I knew I wanted to do something special for them, as a pre- thank you for having to spend money and put up with me - gift, and with me.. it always has to be personalized. So, I FINALLY got around to getting their gifts done, and I will present them to you here:
I mean seriously, how cute did these turn out? I made the cards, and then personalized the little half-covers with 4 of my favorite photos of each of us, hung them on pendant banner style, and I think they turned out adorable!

I only got pictures of 3 of them because I gave the other two away too fast! Oops! I'm planning on selling just the card design on Etsy, so check back for details on that!
With the cards, I gave the girls a present I KNEW I wanted for the wedding, wire hangers with their names on it. I think that is such a memorable gift, and can be used (or saved) forever by the girls. They just have to keep track of them until the wedding! I order mine from this Etsy shop. I highly recommend them, they came quick and are very professional!

Here is one last picture of all the hangers together. Let the official wedding madness begin!
Hello, all.

I'm  starting this blog to share my ideas and designs with the world! I am a graphic designer at heart, but I just have a love for all things art and design. I take every opportunity I can grasp to makes things "pretty" instead of just boring. I'm a DIY-er. I (almost) ALWAYS would rather make something and have a handmade touch on it. That is why I started this blog. I've gotten so many GREAT ideas from other blogs on the internet, that I would love to be able to inspire others who have a passion to create! And even if I don't inspire anyone, at least I'll have all these things written down when I am older! 

Currently, my biggest design challenge is my WEDDING! As a graphic designer, this is such a daunting task. Be prepared to see LOTS of wedding related posts. The wedding business is HUGE, and there are so many things to make perfect for the big day.. so be prepared.

As my life moves on from wedding madness, expect to see other aspects of DIY and design from my life. I do a lot of freelance design, and am always challenged for new ideas! My other true love besides graphic design in interior design. I will definitely be posting a lot of my interior challenges as we move into our new house (after we find one!) and all the fun stuff that comes with settling down!

With that said, thanks for reading this far, and I hope you find stuff that is useful for you in this blog!

    Erin Elizabeth

    If you know me you will be hearing me say, "I CAN MAKE THAT!" constantly. These are my tips, and tricks (and genius ideas) for the world to learn from.


    August 2013